Information at Akinohama in Oshima Island 伊豆大島ダイビング うみのわ UMINOWA

August 8, 2020 Saturday

 I could do scuba diving alone in the morning today. I could see some Sunrise sculpins(アサヒハナゴイ) and an Antennarius pictus(イロカエルアンコウ). The Paperfish I saw before moved to another a little bit deep place. It was difficult to find her.

 The degree of transparency was 12m, and the temperature was 17.5℃. 

  1. Sunrise sculpins (アサヒハナゴイ)
  2. Paperfish(ハダカハオコゼ)
  3. Paperfish(ハダカハオコゼ)
  4. Antennarius pictus(イロカエルアンコウ)
  5. Boar hawkfish(ミナミゴンベ)

6. Blacksided hawkfish(ホシゴンベ)

7. Minysynchiropus kiyoae(ヒメテグリ)

8. Yellowbarred red rockfish(アヤメカサゴ)

9. Marbled rockfish(カサゴ)

10. Blacktip rockfish(アカハタ)

11. Miamira sinusta(ミアミラウミウシ)

12. Miamira sinuata(ミアミラウミウシ)

本日早朝、一人でダイビングが出来ました。何匹かのアサヒハナゴイとイロカエルアンコウが見られました。以前見たハダカハオコゼは少し深場に移動しました。 探すのが大変!


Sunrise sculpins (アサヒハナゴイ)
Antennarius pictus(イロカエルアンコウ)
Boar hawkfish(ミナミゴンベ)
Blacksided hawkfish(ホシゴンベ)
Minysynchiropus kiyoae(ヒメテグリ)
Marbled rockfish(カサゴ)
Marbled rockfish(カサゴ)
Blacktip rockfish(アカハタ)
Miamira sinuata(ミアミラウミウシ)


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